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M A I L I N G   A D D R E S S  :

575 Larry Ward Dr.  Bridge City, Tx. 77611

WEBSITE UPDATED -  February 12, 2016  (CFP-V1-02-12-16)

All Images © Copyright 1976 through 2016, with All Rights Reserved, by H. Dean Clark (unless otherwise noted.)

Now Permanently Traveling the Country,

“Car Camping” and hiking Scenic Trails wherever I find them...

- Photographing in the USA, and Beyond -

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- Contact

C e l l  Phone:  ( 2 8 1 )  4 1 5 - 5 7 5 6

And Summer of 2014

was special...because I spent a good part of it

“Hanging out and

Helping Out”

at Kings Canyon Lodge

in California.

(However, the Lodge became a victim of California’s

“Rough” fire in August of 2015)


Recent Camping

Adventure ...

Fall, 2015

Baxter State Park, Maine

(Click on the photograph

to view it, and others...

“up close and personal”)